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Post Posted: 05:55am - Apr 23,16 
I wrapped up my turkey season yesterday and although I did not get one it was still a success. I saw birds just about every day and after seeing a couple toms that wouldn't come in I crawled through a ditch and took a shot at one and missed. So I can say I did have a chance but I missed.

Yesterday saw a coyote chasing 2 deer for about 10 minutes. It was neat to see but I did not like seeing this, so I took matters into my own hands. The deer was smart for running towards me and I shot the coyote. He rolled around for a few seconds then took off running into some thick cover. I chose not to walk too much in that cover but I'm sure he's dead in there.

I stumbled upon some morels when I was walking back to the truck. One of them was huge and I dropped them off for my buddy.

Then lastly I saw a nice covey of quial by the truck before I left. Overall it was a nice season and I was able to harvest at least the coyote.



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Post Posted: 07:19am - Apr 23,16 
Sounds like a pretty good season other than not getting a bird. One of these days I'll take up turkey hunting but Deer hunting takes up too much time as it is.

Congrats on the coyote though. Anytime you can take one of those out is good time. Taking one with a bow is a pretty good feat as well. I missed one nice one during bow season last year but connected during shotgun season last year as well as my buddy. Two less fawn killers in the woods.

Now just a little over 5 months until deer season starts! LOL

There is a fine line between hunting and sitting there looking stupid

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