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Post Posted: 09:37pm - Nov 29,19 
Had a bad day today,first time using steel shot.
Federal,12 gage,2 3/4,6 shot steel.
Plenty of pheasants came up,only a couple came down.
Any advise on steel for pheasant?
Also,nontoxic alloys that work with older guns?
Appreciate any help-



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Post Posted: 08:17am - Nov 30,19 
I have used Kent #5 for a lot of years and it does real well knocking down birds

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Post Posted: 12:05pm - Dec 2,19 
I hunt mostly clubs, and state grounds (Silver Springs), but also South Dakota. #4 and 6's lead at the clubs. As the season progresses all #4. At 1290 fps. Where steel shot is required, a custom load of 1 ounce #2/3 ( known as the South Dakota load), moving along at 1550 fps. 12 Ga, 2 3/4" shells.

My dogs are flushing Labs, most shots are 30-50 yds. 60+common. If I were shooting over pointers, #6 lead, #5 steel.

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