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Post Posted: 08:15pm - Jan 20,18 
We arrived at Oakpark Hotel lot at 5:30 am and 1/2 the parking was already was taken, I guess the early bird get the drum:) Did pretty well today catching six different species of fish, we caught drum, catfish, crappie, walleye, white bass and the elusive chain o lakes yellow bass! First fish was of the morning was of course a small catfish, followed by a 11 inch walleye and the others. After about of a hour of getting those the vexilar lit up again, and up came the first yellow bass in about 5 years. We caught around 15-20 yellow bass the biggest being about 9 inches but most were about 5-7 inches big. No real size but fun to catch them again. All the fish were caught in 16 FOT and the bait of choice was spikes/waxies. The jigs were glow ratfinkies and glow gill pills.

On a side note I seen a article on a invention that you put down the ice hole and suppose to keep the ice/snow and wind away. I though I could figure out myself so off to the hardware store I went. Ended up with a piece of metal duct tapered from 4 to 5 inches. our auger is 5 inches so I put the 4 inch part down the hole with the top being 5 inches. It worked very well, it kept the ice and snow out. Today was a nice day, but when its windy and cold it will keep the ice out and the wind so you can easily watch you bobber/line. I took a few pictures below. All fish caught are still swimming till next week :)

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Post Posted: 10:06am - Jan 22,18 
I would think the sharp edges of that metal will cut the line on a fish that pulls against it.
Good idea if bobber fishing.


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Post Posted: 11:05am - Jan 22,18 
They sell plastic ones for the same thing. Just can't remember the site I saw them on. But a good idea, nonetheless.

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