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Post Posted: 10:59pm - Jan 12,21 
I still use my 30 year old 6 inch mora with sweden made blades and i will put it against the lastest and greatest.It is fast and quiet.

Fast and quiet-Over the years I have had to deal with guys with gas powered augers drilling around me-my depth finder would pick up signals as well as fish,spook the fish away,hope to wait it out or leave.
The new age-got out this past weekend. At one point,had so many drilling around me thought I and them were going to fall thru.
All were Electric augers,most not as fast as my 6 inch mora,but quiet and I found no disturbance on my depth finder and the fish did not spook away.
I like this new age tech!
They still need a few more years for the engineers to out drill me-


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Post Posted: 11:31am - Jan 13,21 
I think we all have had that issue with others drilling right on top of the spot you are fishing. Good news indeed that the new age of electric augers have certainly come a long way. I bought the Strikemaster 24v for this season. I have to say it is awesome! Very light (14lbs), quiet, and cuts like a hot knife through butter.

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