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Post Posted: 08:21pm - Sep 13,18 
I was out on the ATV the other night and stumbled upon a fairy ring of Giant Puffballs. These were much larger than than Puffballs I have found in the past, and I found them at the perfect state of development for eating.
Stored them in the garage fridge for a couple days and finally made some Puffball Pizza tonight. Cut them into 3/4" slices and lightly coated with olive oil and Italian seasonings, then browned them on the grill.
Topped with some pizza sauce, grilled green peppers, pepperoni, and mozzarella and baked at 400 for 15 minutes or until the cheese was brown. Turned out delicious!

I brought a puffball to the SU meeting on Tuesday figuring someone would appreciate it, but had a hard time finding a taker. Thankfully Monty was there to take it off my hands and it didn't go to waste because I know where there are several more popping up as I type!



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Post Posted: 09:01pm - Sep 13,18 
I’ve been doing my best at fasting lately, and I’m not sure I’ve the words to describe just how delicious those look right now. I feel like I can taste the charcoal on those slabs ! I’ve actually been wanting to try that pizza recipe for a couple years now so I’ll definitely have to try that whenever I find some. I’ve got an evil old lady neighbor who has like 4 or 5 growing in her unkempt yard right now....... It’s got me thinking......

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Post Posted: 08:43am - Sep 14,18 
Those look like some very tasty pizzas Ron :drink I’ve seen those puff balls before but have never thought about eating one :shock I have learned something new today thanks for sharing that with us :gpost

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