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Its august MEAT MONTH for big kings time to revisit this great video produced by john king you tube link below (between pictures )
thank you john for taking the time to produce this video there is not better examples of how to rig a meat head it all about the role

I would like to point out some key points on this video

#!1 is the ROLE pay attention its IN REAL TIME rpms 2 flips a second or as close to that as you can get
don't just put the bait in the water and hope its rite

#2 you can make any real herring work in any meat head with scissors
#3 the most important part is how the meat rolls in the water
#4 meat is better if given some time in brine to stiffen up

@ calumet marine we sell ONLY john king meat rigs and use only his bait head for the famous calumet city chicken rigs
because we believe it to be the most consistent quality product on the market today And MADE IN USA
we went above and beyond normal shipping to bring you some of the best green label whole herring ever seen around here WITH THE BIG fish we have out there this year
This is a important part of bagging that 30 lb + fish these trophy fish are out there time to gear up and get yours
come and get some of our green label whole herring now while it lasts if you don't use It this year it only gets better in the freezer when brined properly check out the post ez brine on calumet forums page
or we have pro cure brine and bright brine mix in the shop
one note about brine and bright it is for fast brining and leaving the herring in there to long discolors it (turn's it brown) best to brine and put in a baggie with some NON IODIZED salt may be a couple drops of liquid UV
get ready for that trophy KINGZILLA
Thank you or al the guys that have already picked up and are using the fresh herring so far every one seems to rely like it gladly so spent a lot of time and energy finding the good stuff bringing it in here

Frank aka honda cat
Master Captain USCG 50ton
Great lakes and In shore salt water
After its all said and done.... ITS ALL ABOUT THE FUN!


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