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Proper rigging especially motor mounting and center line mounting/spacing dimensions and prop selection is a often neglected or overlooked source of
100% free HP
the boat wight compresses water and stores energy that as the boat passes is released in the form of a wave
wave energy as it leave the trailing edge of the hull is 2-4" deep depending on the weight and speed of boat
properly mounting a motor getting a portion of the prop diameter of the prop into this accelerated water is similar to a tail wind on a air plane

this will also allow the motor lower unit to avoid spray and water contacting the lower unit leading edge just below the Cavitation plate
properly mounted motor when up on plane at or above cruising speeds you should expect to see the top of the Cavitation plate dry and the bottom catching and holding water below with out any Cavitation on acceleration or cornering
too much separation on duel motors will cause Cavitation on cornering as the boat roles over on its chine it will pull the lower unit up causing Cavitation

mounting motor for ss cupped props rule of thumb is for salt water 1/4 " up for every inch gear case leading edge is back from the trailing edge of hull up to 3/8 for fresh water
or 3" for every 12" of a bracket boat like a pc or alaskan (not extended transom that is a extension of bottom of boat )

mounting motors too low wastes HP and causes other handling problems like porpoising and struggling coming up on plane ect

To over simplify the optimum rigging process keep raising the motor until it Cavitates and drop in back down one you just may find your self some free HP
if you love HP check this out ! ... 882387442/

Frank aka honda cat
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Great lakes and In shore salt water
After its all said and done.... ITS ALL ABOUT THE FUN!


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