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Post Posted: 08:30am - Sep 23,13 
Went to the Dealer Meeting this year for Hewes Craft out west

Hewes craft Had a bunch of prototypes for us to look at and ride in

My first thought when I seen this new west shore fisherman was
" what a waste of time and energy - they will never be able to sell these crazy looking boats "

but after a couple of the other dealers asking me "did you ride in the west shore fisherman "

""no was my answer along with don't think I could ever sell one ""

with our hesitation the response was always after any one rides in this boat they will bave to think about buying one the ride is amazing
so I took it for a ride and was also greatly surprised with the ride
and then found out they have been making them for commercial net operations in Canada for some time now and they have already sold a bunch in Canada
Canada had a two year exclusive on these boats
I don't know what they did to the hull on these but what ever they did they did it rite
Hewes craft is now considering taking the time and expense to have this series hull certified by the uscg for sale on this side of the Canadian border

Maybe also in a center console variety or some version of a more recreational fishing friendly version currently the lay out was centered around commercial net fishing
with the pictured version owners gill net with it fill the front to the gunnels (2000) lbs of fish load the boat on the trailer and take the boat and the fish to market
normally it would not have any seats fwd of the windshield it was just had seats for the purpose of the dealer show
what do you think ??
what would a good recreational lay out of one of these boats look like to you
these may never be available for sale here in the usa but if you ever head up to Canada and see one you can say you seen it here first
was a nice trip got to see all the upgrades and improvement's Hewescraft has made to all their models
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Post Posted: 09:01am - Sep 23,13 
Move the cabin forward enough for trolling gear and fighting fish? As is would be perfect for harvesting asain carp.

It's all about the fun! If you can't laugh at yourself, we'll do it for you.
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