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Post Posted: 08:19am - Jan 5,21 
In a world of things getting more expensive even day
every now and then some thing get a little ore affordable

boat for example seems to be getting more and more expensive every day Boat motors seem to have no limits on how much they cost these days AND CAN NOT DO TO MUCH WITH THEM WITH OUT A LAPTOP IN YOUR HAND

ok i am showing my age now but hey the clock is ticking on us all

a great example of stuff getting better and in most cases lees expensive RADAR back in the late 60s when i was a kid it was very rare to see radar on a boat
today is like a 1200.00 dollar accessory back then i was like 10'000.00
you din not see it much on recreational boat until the 90s
Now its the joy stick steering /docking just recently steering has been evolving yet another generation seems we went from cable steering ( meaning cable with pulleys spring etc) to push pull cable to hydraulic steering the next generation appears to be all electrical . being better faster more precise and LESS MONEY systems costing as much as 50 k when it first came out in a hyd version are now some of them as little as a 6500 dollar accessory
going to school this month on the fly by wire joy stick steering . i will keep you posted . stop by the shop if interested more her than i may ever be able to type in THING SPRING !!!!

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Post Posted: 11:02am - Jan 5,21 
My nephew has a patent for that system when he worked at Mercury.

I have spent most my life fishing........the rest I wasted.



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Post Posted: 10:01pm - Jan 5,21 
Great post!
I myself have to go to training to update.
I love the new tech stuff,and try to stay on top.
Even the young guys and girls have a hard time keeping up with things moving so fast.
Definitely report on the latest and greatest!

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