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Post Posted: 11:43am - May 8,16 
We fished 3 days with the Thornton crappie club. Started out a little slow, but found them yesterday. Boat docks and wood. Docks near deep water were the key.The fish were on fire !! I will go back for sure. We stayed at Anthony acres. Nice place on the water.


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Post Posted: 11:51am - May 8,16 
Thanx for report....good stuff!!!

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Went to Lake Sara in May 2018 and had a blast.

LM Bass were on beds at that time so there weren't many of them feeding very aggressively out away from the shore.

Huge schools of bluegills could be seen swimming around. Didn't catch anything over 7 inches but if you're just there for the fun of it or taking little kids, definitely plenty of small and medium gills.

Caught a lot of crappie. Probably 50+ from Friday evening to Sunday morning. Again the size wasn't there, mostly 5-10 inches, but I did see some people catch a few over 12 inches.

Caught two long ear sunfish, which aren't really anything special compared to bluegill but they are beautiful fish to see in person.

Caught a couple of decent sized catfish (I think channel cats) at night.

Caught one striped bass that was about 9 inches or so.

Summary: I don't know if this lake has too many Personal Best type of fish, but definitely a lot of fishing to be done if you're looking for numbers or just there to enjoy yourself. It has a decent amount of man made structure with docks but also long spans of more natural forested shoreline. There are a few restrictions for the lake though (no swimming) and this whole lake is owned/managed by the Effingham Water Authority and you have to purchase a season or temporary license to have a boat on the water. I don't think its super expensive, but it's more than just the launch fee for the ramp. I stayed at Anthony Acres resort as well. Nothing super fancy, but the rooms were furnished with a lot more than many of the other fishing cabin type places I've seen.

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