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Post Posted: 04:44pm - Jul 31,19 
Anyone have any experience,tips on Big McKenzie Lake,just north of Spooner ? Target will be panfish,middle of September.I am also shopping for lodging,any recommendations appreciated.



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Post Posted: 07:36pm - Jul 31,19 
The south west corner of the lake has good weeds and is prime for panfish and bass. Cast to piers on the west side with a drop-shot finesse rig and have fun. I tied a hook about 20" above the drop and casted from the boat, or just dropped to bottom on the slow troll / wind drift. Tick-tick-tick, fish on! The water gets pretty deep in the west end, probably about 500 yards off shore. The point on the west side, by the bar / restaurant is also pretty good, but be careful, there are some humps in that area that can be hit with the lower unit The good news is it is mostly sand, but, there may be rocks in there too.

Best bait I used was berkley powerbait honeyworm in red. good stuff and it goes a long way. its a nice lake, clear water. Find your weed edges and fish those.

Let us know how you do...



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Post Posted: 01:53pm - Aug 5,19 
Big McKenzie is on my Bucket List. Fished Lake Chetek last year . GOOD LUCK !




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Post Posted: 09:39am - Aug 12,19 
My friends family owns The Sunshine Resort on Big MacKenzie Very nice , family owned place.

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