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Post Posted: 03:01pm - Jun 7,19 
Was wondering if anyone has ever made it out to Hilton Head fishing? I'll be there for a week and got a charter for one day but we are also staying in Palmetto Dunes and was curious if anyone has had a chance to fish the lagoon there. What baits might've worked, any spots you might have uncovered (I'm going to rent a kayak at least a day). Or if you have any redfish/sea trout experience in general that may carry over. Look forward to posting next week if I had any luck.




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Post Posted: 07:12am - Jun 9,19 
stayed at the disney resort a couple years ago, gulp shrimp on jig or 3 ways with squid strips worked for us. we also did a charter, stayed inshore, and had nonstop action on sharks. had ny brother inlaws and nephews who really aren't into fishing and they had a blast. 3 to 6 foot shark is quite the battle, especially on the light tackle we were using. good luck



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Post Posted: 11:52am - Jul 9,19 
Hopefully you had some luck, i've spent some time down in Hilton Head, went out with a guide for Redfish, caught a few, had a dolphin come next to our boat asking for a mullet like a pet dog, it was crazy, smart animals.

Often at the fishing piers people will net for crabs, take a piece of chicken guts, strap it to a drop a net, walmarts sell them in the area, drop the baited net to the bottom for 5 minutes and pull up the net and the crabs are still chewing on the chicken.

Just watch out for the Gators, copperheads, and cottonmouths if you hit the shore lines.

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