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Post Posted: 07:51am - Apr 20,17 
Anyone heading to the Detroit river this weekend? This is my first time fishing there. Anybody been out lately? Have any advice for a first timer?



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Post Posted: 10:11am - Apr 20,17 
Have plenty of 3/4 oz jigs. Get some Fin-s minnow baits at local bait shop. Minnows are not necessary. Follow the crowd and watch how the locals jig. See whats working. Start in Trenton Channel down from the power plant. East or west side. Follow the crowd. You can also run to steel mills if that does not work. Follow the crowd. The current and snags will test your river slipping skills. When snagged let the other folks in the boat know to pull up. When you are not fishing and vertical they will quickly snag. Most quality fish areas are community holes. Don't be afraid to fish with the crowds. Be respectful when motoring to do another slipping pass.



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Post Posted: 03:59pm - Apr 20,17 
I was there last weekend. plenty of fish in the river system. however nothing big, all males seem to be
in there in the 13"-19" range. Most guys are limiting out on these eater fish. I fished the Trenton channel out of elizabeth park.
They'll be a lot of boats there but this area usually produces. went north to mud island hit the deeper channels
drifting buoy to bouy. Did well up there. Also launched out of Erie metro one day. hit some of the island areas at the mouth of the river
picked up some fish. You should do fine. make sure your early to the launch it fills up fast. no later than 6:30am

baits can't go wrong with Fin s minnow like Ukie1 said. Most plastics seem to work I like the Yum paddle tail worms
Grab plenty of 3/4oz and 1 oz jigs and stinger hooks. I don't think color matters on the jigs but some guys do.

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