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My son and I were joined by my mother Saturday morning for the spring Palos fishing derby. We soaked some worms, hoping to find some pannies to entertain my little guy. Got one greenie early, but nothing on worms after that. Spinnerbait didn't do anything for me either. I figured it was going to be a slow day, so I started goofing around with my newest toy, a KVD cranking rod, bombing lipless cranks as far as I could toss them. That was the trick!

The bass were holding in a deep weed bed. The first two hit the trap on the drop. My son and I got several more. I'd cast and let him reel back. He pulled in a 13-3/4" bass that won him the 6 and under category. It's a lot of fun watching a 5yr old wrestle in a fish on a rod that's twice as tall as he is!

Color didn't seem to matter. We caught fish on purple-silver, crappie, and chrome-black baits. A couple hit on the initial drop, most came ticking the weeds, and one dink hit as I burned it in to deal with crossed lines. Depth/distance were the important factors. I didn't get a bite within 50ft of shore or in any areas less than 7-8ft deep, the deepest on the map.

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