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Wednesday was your day . Caught fish trolling so close to shore at Montrose we talked to the people on land . Captain Bill's point was a hot spot , so was the end of the shoe .

Water temp . guys , wind direction , days of sustained winds . What will the water do ? How will the weather affect water TEMP.
Learn to be able to read the lake and that will tell you when the fish are on shore . Or you could just read post of where you should have been .

Posts are good for looking at what was that day . IE windy? water temp? What did the fish do that day in those conditions . Then when you get to get out you apply that knowledge to what is happening the day you are on the water .

The water depth 50 yrds. from shore at CBP. is now 20 ft. You could run a powerline down 10 to 12 ft. and not worry about boats running it over , use bright colored floats .
Casting with noddle rod would have given anybody enough distance to get to the fish .
Captain Bill .

Captain Bill U.S.M.M. Officer
Master of Great Lakes

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