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Post Posted: 12:28pm - Jun 1,19 
Been spending plently of time at the harbor lately and I cant notice but see tons of what I suspect are aliewife getting busted on. Specifically right before sunset. I've been trying everything to get a hit on whatever busting on them and cant get a hit. Any thoughts on what I should try. What I've used so far: shad traps, spinners, plastics twisters n crawdads.

I tried catching a few alewife with a small treble and red rubber and no luck.

Someone asked me if its newly stocked fish, and they arent.



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Post Posted: 01:03pm - Jun 1,19 
Take an original floating Rapala and twitch it on the surface. Cast it out, then Give it a snap to dive it under the surface 5 or 6 inches, and let it float back to the surface and repeat until you’re out of the strike zone.

A perfect combination of doing something and nothing at the same time. Fishing.



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Post Posted: 09:14am - Jun 10,19 
Fished Diversey this weekend. No luck on anything I threw.

Did get a couple of large mouth in the Lincoln park lagoon throwing a senko weightless into the some weed-beds along the shore.

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