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Post Posted: 12:30pm - May 1,19 
Took advantage of the break in weather Sunday to get in on the opening weekend of trout season action in Michigan. Floated the Dowagiac above the dam for the first time and learned a critical lesson: enormous log jams and kayaks do not necessarily mix. Was having a great day with one beautiful 16" brown brought to net and a few others lost, then hit a stretch of enormous log jams. While trying to navigate to the bank for a bushwhacking portage, I sideswiped one and tipped in a very precarious spot of deep, fast water and unsettled debris. Managed to get up on a log and right the yak, but lost a rod and a box of gear in the process. Scary shinola. Just a reminder to paddle safe out there, where your PDF and always head to bank if you see what may be an impassable barrier.

Anyway, a nice opening weekend all-in-all. And learned the peculiarities of a new stretch of river!




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Post Posted: 07:25pm - May 1,19 
Wow, glad you’re ok! Nice fish.



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Post Posted: 11:01am - May 2,19 
Glad you're ok!

If you're not familiar with it, read up on the low brace paddle stroke. It's saved me a few times in a canoe.

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