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Post Posted: 07:29pm - May 30,18 
Well this time of year can be a panfish bonanza with them re-populating the lakes. As a kid my dad would take them off the beds, but as I matured as a fisherman I leave them do the re-populating and chase the lessor males in the waters next to the beds.

Mrs.Wsj was out a our nephews cottage in Michigan and there was a father/son combo just cleaning out the beds near shore, she said she never saw me catch fish like that. Over dinner I explained my thoughts and she was then content that I would have to make several more trips before the family fish fry could be done.

I like the idea of going to a familiar lake with the grandkids and let them catch the fish like I had done in the past.

Your thoughts???

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Post Posted: 08:20pm - May 30,18 
I agree with you wsj, panfish can be plentiful after they come off the beds. Some folks simply don't understand the impact or the future of the fishery when they pull and keep fish off of the beds.

But the same pertains to tournament fishermen that pull bedding bass off of beds and release them later. Beds get emptied pretty fast when fish get pulled off of them for a decent amount of time or for the grease.

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Post Posted: 08:46pm - May 30,18 
I was out at Mazonia on Friday, fishing my birthday as I have for years and everything was spawning, crappie, bluegills, redears, largemouth bass and channel cats. The water temp was 77 degrees. I don’t have a clue how the spring around here went but I’m thinking water temps must have shot up in the last couple weeks or so with specks still at it.
Big male bluegills were guarding beds everywhere and it was great to see big numbers of them. I worked spawned out females in deeper water. I tend to let them do as they should be able, especially the redears. Redears will not spook and leave the nest. They will pick up anything that enters their bed and anglers must realize how precious these fish are. They grow commonly to over 11 inches, some growing to over 14 and their battle seconds no fish. Their population densities, bluegills as well and their size structure can so easily be put a hurt to by those whose only care is to fill the stringer.
I fished bedding bass in Sturgeon Bay once several years ago and felt cheap for it after.
Never again for those fish.
but then crappies...
Crappie's are different story.

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